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–Noam Chomsky

NationofChange exists to help the people by exposing the truth, taking direct action to fight for justice against corruption.

Since our launch we have won victories on behalf of the people, whether it is abolishing over half of a million dollars of distressed debt of working families or organizing nationwide campaigns to fight MONSANTO and KOCH INDUSTRIES, we're there on the frontlines and we're really just getting started.

Our drive has been slower than usual and we aren't yet on track to meet our minimum operational budget.

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Monsanto vs. the World: The Monsanto Protection Act, GMOs and Our Genetically Modified Future — Paperback

Monsanto—one of the largest agriculture and biotech companies in the world—creates genetically engineered seeds and food, or GMOs. They've also brought us toxic chemicals like DDT, PCBs and even Agent Orange. But what is Monsanto truly doing to our diet—and why do many consider their business practices deeply abusive? Are GMOs the solution to world hunger, or a shockingly dangerous threat to our health? And does Monsanto really, as some suggest, control much of the United States' agriculture and food departments? Meticulously researched, Monsanto vs. the World puts to rest the myths and shows the shocking reality, delving into the science of GMOs, the political machinations of Monsanto in Washington and around the world, and showing what you can do to keep GMOs off your plate for good.