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NationofChange Turns Two!

NationofChange needs to raise $40,000 to continue essential operations.

“I think NationofChange doing a great and badly needed job. This is what inspired me to support it.”

–Noam Chomsky


Writing this, I can remember when NationofChange was nothing more than a nagging idea and a subject for coffee conversation. We felt that there was a real need for a better independent news source, one that put people first and steered clear of the mindless entertainment and political theatre that characterises so much of the media on the left. We also thought that there should be a progressive news source that isn’t afraid to take real action.

In our first months I, along with our small team linked arms in Zuccotti Square, protested, marched, and raised funds for supplies like jackets, shirts, and sleeping bags for the early Occupiers. Being there in person (rather than behind a desk) felt right to me in a way that set the tone for this organization, I think.

In the two years since the inception of NationofChange we have donated over $100,000 to help organize acts of civil disobedience in this country. We have provided a platform for groups to reach a larger audience and we’ve helped people organize and speak truth to power. We have also collaborated with groups like Strike Debt, and we with your help we abolished more than half of a million dollars of distressed debt of American families.

We’ve also run our own high-profile, high-impact campaigns to draw attention to critical issues and injustices. Last year we produced an ad campaign focused on exposing the truth about Corporate killer Koch brothers and coordinated it with protests and demonstrations at Koch Industries headquarters. Our most recent campaigns have focused on biotech giant Monsanto and Big Chemical. We have with your help reached millions of new viewers with our national billboard campaigns and television campaigns, and they seem to have noticed if you look at their latest publicity ramp up.

NationofChange is there for you 365 days a year and it only works because you support it. Our budget consists of nearly 100% small donations from our readers. There is no ad revenue. There are no corporate partnerships, nor are they any kind of paid affiliations. There are no owners or shareholders. Our only accountability is to you and that allows us to maintain a level of integrity that is very rare in this media landscape.

This week we are raising $40,000 to allow us to continue to provide these essential services.

Why is Monsanto known as the "most evil" company in the world? Why have chronic diseases such as food allergies, obesity, autism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and cancer become epidemic? As a special thank-you, Chris Kanthan has donated his electronic book: “Deconstructing Monsanto” yours free with any donation of $50 or more to this campaign.

If NationofChange means something to you then please make a small donation. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which means that your contribution is tax-deductible. If you believe in what we’re doing and you’d like to see us continue to build upon our victories on behalf of the people then donate now.

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