We’re taking the fight to MONSANTO. Are you in?


As many of you know NationofChange, with the support of our readers, has been waging a publicity battle against corporate killer MONSANTO, in an effort to educate the public on the crimes of the biotech giant and its industry.

MONSANTO and its corporate colluders are now arming themselves with a new offensive platform to combat the truth.

“More than 50 front groups, working on behalf of food and biotechnology trade groups―Monsanto being the most prominent―have formed a new coalition called Alliance to Feed the Future.

The alliance, which is being coordinated by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), was created to ‘balance the public dialogue’ on modern agriculture and large-scale food production and technology, i.e. this group will aim to become the go-to source for ‘real’ information about the junk being sold as ‘food.’”

What does this mean for us? It means that the struggle to sort industry propaganda and corporate lies from the truth is about to get a lot tougher.

This week, we’re fighting back.

We’re raising the stakes and building on our popular and effective public billboard campaigns.

We’re raising $25,000 from our readers to purchase high-profile billboard space in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles to speak truth to power about Monsanto, the biotech industry, and GMOs.

Here are some of the issues on which our campaign will focus:

  • “Alliance to Feed the Future” Biotech’s Well-Funded, Dangerous New Front Group
  • The Monsanto Protection Act placing Monsanto beyond the reach of the Federal Government[1]
  • Monsanto’s multi-million dollar efforts to squash GMO labelling in California
  • The real science surrounding the negative health impact of GMO products
  • The catastrophic environmental effects Monsanto’s Roundup has wrought upon ecosystems

If you believe that corporate killers like MONSANTO have to be stopped in their tracks in order to protect the environment, the integrity of our public institutions, small agriculture, and the health of our people then please join us now in making the next tactical strike.

As a special thank-you, leading Monsanto investigative reporter, Anthony Gucciardi has donated his electronic book set: “The New Health Paradigm” as well as a “Shopping guide to GMOs and additives” yours free with any donation of $100 or more to this campaign.

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