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Most of you are aware of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring toxic, dangerous Tar Sands crude from Alberta, Canada, 1,700 miles across the United States to the Gulf Coast. For key facts about destructive reality of the pipeline, click here.

In January, President Obama ordered the re-review of K-XL, demanding that the project undergo a thorough, unbiased scientific review. Since then oil lobbyists and oil-connected elected officials led by the oil baron Koch Brothers reacted immediately with efforts to force fast-track approval of the project.

The Koch's have told Congress that they have “no interest in the pipeline.”[1]

The truth: In 2009, Flint Hills Resources Canada, a sub-division of Koch Industries, won “intervenor status” in the National Energy board hearings that soon led to Canada’s sincere approval of their 327-mile portion of the Keystone XL pipeline.[2]

This kind of behavior is nothing new for Charles and David Koch, the third and fourth richest men in the country.

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