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Palast Investigates II: Vultures and Vote Rustlers — DVD

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Review by NationofChange:

From the New York Times’ bestselling author and top investigative reporter, Greg Palast busts the billionaires and ballot bandits who would pick our next president in his updated documentary, “Vultures and Vote Rustlers.” This 70-minute DVD provides updates behind his hard-hitting investigations for BBC-TV and Democracy Now!

What the New Yorker called “Great fun,” the documentary tracks down the billionaires behind Chris Christie, reports on the attempt to block black voters in Ohio, reveals the hidden story behind the Deepwater Horizon disaster, exposed Larry Summers “end-game” memo and hunts down financial predators worldwide. In disguise on the streets of Brooklyn, New York and undercover searching the bogus ballot boxes of Ohio, the documentary features Palast and his detective team reveal the scumbags and scoundrels in this world.

The documentary combines eight of Palast’s favorite investigations and will have you screaming in disbelief as he reports on the corruption that’s running rampant in the U.S.

“Vultures and Vote Rustlers” tells the stories mainstream media doesn’t want you to see and makes a bunch of billionaires’ and oil company CEOs’ cry at the sight of.

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